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See how you can use data, analytics and business intelligence to win.

Imagine having a business that runs on deep data driven insight, all at your fingertips. Conversations and decisions will evolve from directional assumptions and speculation, to a well-defined process – while increasing the likelihood of a more accurate outcome.

When done right, data and insights will transform your marketing to effectively navigate the evolving environment, bring new opportunity and build a sustainable competitive advantage.

How we help businesses with their marketing analytics

Successful organisations are ones that have a data-driven culture. A business that is data-driven will thrive in the modern age and lead the competition in the future. We help businesses introduce and make data and marketing analytics a central part to their day to day operating model.

The CSG Marketing Levels of Marketing Analytics

Tier 1 – Operational Insight

Operational insight is the entry level view for your marketing data. This focuses on first level analytics that give simple but effective insight into marketing program effectiveness.

Volume based insight:

  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Conversions
  • Conversion rates
  • Database size
  • Organic rankings
  • Channel source


At this stage, we transition from fragmented data views to starting to ask questions of the business and marketing. This is done through data blending and coordinating multiple data sources that allow us to build the views we need. In this tier, we begin to truly understand what the data means and how we can action it into analytical lead marketing strategies. We also introduce artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to help predict the type of marketing activities we should be conducting.

Blended Internal Analytics:

  • 360-degree customer view
  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Reactivation
  • Upsell & Cross Sell
  • Marketing Funnel

Tier 3 – Strategic analytics

The final tier of analytics allows businesses the most advanced views available. Through internal tactical analysis mixed with external data-sources, we can gain views of market opportunities and how we can take advantage of them.

Blended External Analytics:

  • External data sources
  • Desk research
  • Market strategy
  • Trend reporting


Marketing analytics are part of all programs we work with clients on. The type of services we provide include:

Data storytelling

Data storytelling focuses on creating a bridge between our data and its real-world applications by building a narrative. This process humanises the data-efforts so we can understand it and move it into action. It allows leaders to rally organisational efforts behind the findings and articulate why they matter and what needs to be done, as much as what they are.

Business Intelligence Platforms & Visualisations

Modern-day visualisations are changing the way we can view and interact with data. By building easy to use dashboards for all aspects of your people and business, we can quickly understand what the data means in the real world and put it into context by asking the right questions and developing actions.

Data Curation

We help businesses understand the data sources that are needed and put it within the context of the business so the organisation can interact with it, understand it, and use it. Data curation enables the organisation to move beyond simply asking questions of their data, toward asking questions of their business.

Data Analysis

Analysis focuses on improving your understanding of the information we have been presented. By doing this, we can understand the needs, drivers and value the data brings to the business. Ultimately, we will look to build strategies to attract more to your business.

Data Engagement

Data and insights is not just for the few. It must be shared and become a part of everyday business. Evolving from access to engagement means we are changing the way decisions are made throughout the organisation. Democratise your data to empower individuals and functions within organisations to understand and take ownership of what they need and be as effective as they can be.

Trend Analysis & Forecasting

Using advanced analysis, machine learning and predictive views through data science practices such as propensity modelling and cluster analysis, you will be able to forecast trends and predict future occurrences to support decision making within the organisation. Machine learning will enable systems to gain deeper domain knowledge over time based on your company’s data and the types of questions the users ask.

Data-driven businesses thrive because they’re tracking growth and constantly testing the efficacy of their strategies. They lead with data and inspire action through insights.

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