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Existing Customer Marketing

Existing Customer Marketing

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    At CSG Marketing, we help businesses build and implement effective customer marketing strategies. 

    At its core, customer marketing is about reinforcing and building upon relationships with your most valuable customers. The goal for customer marketing is to delight and grow your customer base, all while making them evangelists for your company. We look at the entire customer journey to understand how we can grow your business at each stage.

    The services that we provide as part of our customer marketing strategy programs include;

    While customer acquisition is about acquiring the right customers, customer marketing focuses on growing the value of your customers – for both them and you.

    Many companies have a singular focus on acquiring new customers. While this is critical to business success, retaining and growing your customer base is as important. As they say, it costs more to acquire a customer than it does to retain and grow an existing one. Done right, customer marketing is many times the first focus area to build your growth marketing strategy and grow your business.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dive a little deeper on how we help businesses with their customer marketing.

    Why customer marketing?
    When working with our clients, we have seen it cost up to 25x more to acquire a new customer than to hold onto an existing one. In addition, we have also seen a 5% increase in customer retention increasing company revenue by 25 – 95%. These stats make it very clear that customer marketing needs to be a focus area for all businesses.
    What is the process?
    The customer marketing strategies we focus on will vary depending on your business, goals, go-to-market strategy and company model. We start by sitting down with a business and look at their entire customer journey to map out where customer marketing plays a role and how we can be successful.
    What do you focus on?
    The goal for customer marketing is to delight and grow your customer base all while making them evangelists for your company. In order to build a successful customer marketing strategy, our focus areas centre on developing retention, loyalty, growth and advocacy.



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