Growth Marketing Consulting

For businesses that wants expert guidance

The CSG Growth Marketing Consultancy Engagement is ideal for a business who wants to be guided on their growth journey, but still wants to run the marketing themselves. Through a structured planning and on-going consulting process, we help guide businesses so they can run a successful growth strategy.


You want support collaborating on developing a growth strategy.

Your business needs expert guidance to ensure the marketing you are doing is correct.

You want regular touch-bases to stay accountable and on track with your marketing.

You want to manage the marketing yourself.

Best practice
on tap

The on-going growth marketing consultancy supports businesses owners through meeting every 2-weeks to discuss new ways we can grow your business. During these meetings, we review results through real-time data-visualisations, updated progress on our project plans and discuss new and innovative ways to market your business.

Sometimes a little guidance is all you need

We understand that not all businesses want (or are ready for) a full-scale marketing department. The growth marketing consulting engagement is perfect for businesses who want guidance to ensure they have developed the right strategy, and are staying on track to achieve their goals.

Structured plans with accountability

As part of all engagements, we work with businesses to co-develop a growth plan and then meet with them on a bi-weekly basis to ensure we are staying on track and accountable to the plan.

How can we work together?

To start we have a working session to understand your business, what you are looking to achieve and by when.

Once we have a clear understanding of your growth goals, the CSG team will build an initial scope of how we believe we can help your business achieve its vision.

Collectively we refine the engagement for sign off. This includes a roadmap and project plan with strategies, milestones, deliverables, timelines and directional investment.

Once approved, we get to work and implement the marketing as agreed. We see ourselves as a member of staff and embed ourselves in your business.

Want to grow your business?