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How CSG Works

CSG Marketing

Are you getting the most from your current agency or marketing team?

CSG Marketing is an innovative model that gives business more – all in one place.

Agile & Coordinated. An Innovative Model for Clever Business.

The challenge with many agencies is that they are focused on just one area of marketing. The limitation with in-house marketing is that your team will always need additional skill sets to be successful.

We work with businesses that need best in class marketing, but do not want to bring on full time staff or work with multiple agencies and contractors. 

We approach growth like building a house. We ensure your business has the correct foundation, then progressively layer the building blocks of growth on top of each other. We then appoint a single lead as your point of contact and ‘Chief Marketing Officer’ to oversee and coordinate your cross functional marketing team. 

Your business needs a single team that works together.

We provide all the marketing expertise required to be successful, coordinated to the goals of your business.

Marketing Strategy
Branding & Design
Content & Copywriting
Search Engine Optimisation
Digital Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Strategic Marketing Programs
Consulting & Project Management
Real-time data-visualizations and analysis

This model is perfect for

A business owner looking to grow and scale their business for long term growth.

A marketing leader needing to build out their team or coordinate all resources in one place.

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    How It Works

    Growth Model Images

    Step 1:

    We map your business to the growth marketing model

    The outcome of this process is to assess an organisations marketing maturity, understand any gaps there may be, and identify the areas we need to focus on to be successful.

    Marketing Audit & Maturity Model 

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    Step 2:

    We identify the blend of marketing solutions

    Once we understand where your business is at, we identify the marketing priorities, focus areas and timeline that will help you achieve your goals. The focus areas include;

    Strategy & Planning
    Brand & Designing  
    New Customer Acquisition
    Existing Customer Marketing
    Technology & Automation

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    Step 3:

    We recommend the most appropriate engagement model

    Finally, once we have a clear understanding of the types of marketing programs and solutions we need, we work with you to identify the most optimal engagement structure for your business. The options are;

    Marketing Foundation Development
    Managed Marketing Department
    Marketing Consulting

    CSG Marketing has everything businesses need to set up, run and scale their marketing. All managed by us.

    Why it Works for Businesses

    We design a team and plan specific for your business.

    We are experts and stay on the cutting edge of marketing best practice.

    You don’t need to deal with HR or costly overheads.

    You get 100’s of hours or expertise working in coordination for your business.


    What people say about CSG Marketing.

    No Lock in Contracts

    We don’t sign lock in contracts. All our relationships are based upon performance and achieving the deliverables we agree to. This means we are constantly driving your marketing for the best possible results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a minimum period?
    No, there is no minimum period or lock in contracts. All engagements are based upon performance and can be stopped at any time.
    Is this cost effective?
    Yes. This is the most cost effective way to approach your marketing. Multiple agencies and freelancers can add up to be very expensive quickly, while a full or part time marketing head count is limited by what they can do. Businesses get access to all the marketing skills they need.
    Do you sit in house?
    We see ourselves as becoming part of your team and will sit in house as agreed and required for your business.
    How do you determine the type of marketing you will be doing?
    We have an in-depth audit and research phase where we will understand your business, what you’re looking to achieve and be able to make an expert recommendation on the type of marketing you need and the team to support it.
    How do I schedule a consultation?
    You can click here to see if CSG Marketing will be a fit for your business.


    An experienced marketing team at your fingertips.

    You will get a full marketing department of experts running your marketing for you. This includes marketing strategists, researchers, digital marketers, designers, content creators, advertising experts and more. These people are dedicated to your business, align to your growth model, and are dialled up and down depending on your needs.