The CSG Growth


The building blocks to long term, predictable growth.

Meaningful growth is not something that just happens. It is a choice.
A carefully planned set of strategies built upon a vision and brought to life by the right actions throughout an organisation.

Businesses that take a steady, sustainable and ultimately successful approach to growth focus on multiple avenues. To bring this to life, we’ll lead you through a structured and phased process that delivers strategies and solutions that are, appropriate, actionable, drive buy-in, measurable and focused on growth.

 The Insight Phase 

To start, we use data and analytics to gain the insights we need to set up a successful growth strategy. First, we run an internal diagnostic on the business to benchmark the marketing maturity. This gives us a clear and objective view of the current state of marketing. Second, we use analytics and real time data visualisations to understand the existing metrics. By doing this we will have the qualitative and quantitative insight we need to build your growth framework.


The Foundation Phase 

Think of this phase as developing the platform for long-term and consistent growth. We will set up all aspects of your marketing to achieve your goals. We focus on developing a strong brand, create a clear understanding of your target market, build a compelling story, create a conversion focused website and implement the technology and processes to achieve your goals. Once complete, you will have a world-class marketing set up.

The New Customer Acquisition Phase 

In this phase, we focus on the strategies and programs that will attract new clients to your business. This will be done through a range of marketing campaigns that focus on your target market. By leading with a strategy and not fragmented services, we ensure we develop multiple streams to growing your customer base, online and offline.

The Existing Customer Phase 

Many times, there is significant opportunity for growth in your current customer base. In this phase, we analyse your existing customers and develop programs that focus on up-selling, cross selling and increasing share of wallet. In addition, we will develop communication programs to ensure you are keeping in contact with your customers and taking advantage of the fans who want to promote your business through advocacy strategies.


The Optimisation Phase

 This final phase is fluid and evolving. We will oversee the developed marketing strategy and optimise the growth model. Through a ‘test, iterate and optimise’ methodology, we scientifically monitor all the marketing efforts for effectiveness. We do this with real-time data-driven insight and report back to your business on what’s working, what’s not working and where we need to focus to continue to be successful.

To identify where a business enters the Growth Model we look at where you are now, where you want to be, and then work our way backwards. By this approach, we can apply a framework that is timely and suitable for your business, and keep us firmly fixed on achieving your vision. This will allow for the right type of growth and activities, while being accountable to your goals and ongoing milestones. 

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