Marketing has changed, however many channel and reseller programs have not.

of partners don’t have a dedicated marketing resource (Sirius Decisons)
of market development funds (MDF) are not used on a quarterly basis (Zinfi)
of partners say vendor channel programs are too complex (360 Insights)

If a partner doesn’t start to market or sell your offering within their first 90 days, it’s unlikely they will (Sirius Decisions)

Our focus is on helping channel organisations and their partners maximise their opportunity through structured marketing consulting, resourcing and demand generation programs.

We help channel organisations by:

Working directly with your partners to plan, build and run marketing campaigns that drive growth for you and them.

Optimising the use of MDF by streamlining approval requirements, developing programs that maximise return on investment and helping with closed loop reporting.

Embedding ourselves into your channel program to deeply understand your key revenue drivers, internal processes and how you define success.

Extending your internal marketing teams capability by having an approved partner that can work with your partners and grow your channel revenue.

We help partners by:

Building a marketing strategy that aligns to their goals, helps achieve their partner program commitments and drives revenue growth for their business.

Structuring MDF submissions in the right way for a smooth approval process.

Running fully integrated marketing programs with them or for them, and supplementing any resourcing gaps they may have.

Optimise their use of MDF, tracking ROI and help report back to the channel organization.

Our focus is on long-term and shared success

Our focus is on working with partners to help them plan and effectively resource their marketing over the long term. In fact, 85% of organizations who have a documented strategy say their partner marketing efforts provide great/some value (IDG).

Extend your partners capabilities

86% of respondents agree that partner marketing programs work better when agencies are involved than when run entirely in-house (IDG). Our managed marketing program works with clients to understand their capability and then develop marketing programs that fit in with their organisation. This could be with them or for them.

We can help maximise your MDF

MDF is many times underutilized as it is not properly planned for. Too often partners focus on short term tactics that will not yield meaningful results. Through a proactive, structured and ROI focused process, we can help your partners maximise the MDF available to them and ensure we are reducing wastage and lost revenue.

Our experts have created, enabled and run some of the most innovative partner marketing programs in the world. We have a deep understanding of channel programs and we can enable your partners to be successful.

We can help enable your partner marketing efforts




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Think ‘growth marketing as a service’.
A managed marketing department.