Managed Growth Marketing

The perfect model for a business that wants to grow.

The CSG Managed Marketing Engagement is ideal for a business who is looking to grow and scale but does not want to bring on staff or manage the marketing themselves. Think of it like having a full-scale marketing department. We will deliver growth for your business.

The managed marketing engagement is a fit for your business if…

Your business needs a range of marketing expertise but does not want to bring on full time staff.

You don’t want to work with an agency

You need a blend of marketing activities – more than one person can handle.

You need someone who can manage the full view of growing your business end to end.

You want the most cutting edge and best practice marketing strategies and tactics applied to your business.

You need data-driven marketing reporting and proactive project management.

A flexible team you can dial up and down

You will get a full marketing department of experts running your marketing for you. This includes marketing strategists, researchers, digital marketers, designers, content creators, advertising experts and more. These people are dedicated to your business, align to your growth model, and are dialled up and down depending on your needs.

A Clever Investment

We understand the financial realities of running a business. You need marketing to be a profit-making source, not a cost centre. The challenge is, the investment and time required to bring together a team or hire an agency to run a successful marketing strategy is costly and a huge risk for a growing business. We have built our model so you get a revenue centric marketing department, right from the beginning without the overheads and HR.

A smart alternative to hiring staff

An internal marketing person can only do so much. They will be limited by their marketing speciality and skills set. As such, they will still need to appoint additional specialists or an agency to help run the marketing. For less investment than a full-time headcount, a business can get a full marketing department with all the skills required to build a run a sophisticated growth strategy.

An End to End Approach to Your Marketing 

Marketing is as an evolving system, not just a collection of activities or promotions. Every part of the system and everything we do focuses on your growth goals and is measured on its contribution towards your vision. 

Our proven approach to growing a business is holistic, contemporary and highly data-driven. Each phase of the growth model methodically steps through and executes the required strategies, and tactics to be successful. We combine the latest in data & insights, growth marketing and digital transformation to drive growth within your business.

How can we work together?

To start we have a working session to understand your business, what you are looking to achieve and by when.

Once we have a clear understanding of your growth goals, the CSG team will build an initial scope of how we believe we can help your business achieve its vision.

Collectively we refine the engagement for sign off. This includes a roadmap and project plan with strategies, milestones, deliverables, timelines and directional investment.

Once approved, we get to work and implement the marketing as agreed. We see ourselves as a member of staff and embed ourselves in your business.

Want to grow your business?