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Strategy & Planning

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Setting the direction for your growth

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    In today’s business, a well thought out and strategic approach is not a nice to have – it is a mission critical requirement. Businesses who take a planned and considered approach will win.

    Businesses that take a steady, sustainable and ultimately successful approach to growth start with strategy and focus on multiple avenues. No single tactic can offer a complete view on how to grow. Each service as part of our marketing strategy and planning solution has been developed from proven marketing best practice and plays an integral role in the ultimate success and growth of a business.
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    Growing a business is hard. To stand out, you need to be clever. This means clever positioning, clever design, clever marketing and clever use of technology. CSG Marketing was developed to help businesses with these things.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dive a little deeper on how we help businesses with their marketing planning & strategy.

    Why strategy?
    Too often, businesses get caught up in non-coordinated and short term tactics in hope that it will drive the growth that they are looking for. This is not effective or sustainable. In order to achieve meaningful growth, businesses must start with a clear marketing strategy.
    What is the process?
    Given that each company brings to growth a unique position and exposure to different kinds of opportunity, there are many possible strategies for growth. We start by sitting down with a business to truly understand what they are looking to achieve. We focus on drawing out the value that they provide as well as understanding growth goals and timelines. Once we have this, we can start to map out what an engagement could look like and how we can help a business achieve their vision.
    Do you develop marketing plans?
    Yes. Smart and savvy leaders know that teams cannot be wasting time and resources chasing strategies that may work. Instead, leaders know that consistent performance requires a steady focus on only the actions that matter to achieve these outcomes. To achieve this, businesses will need an effective marketing plan. By spending the time to have a clear marketing plan that aligns to your business initiatives and vision of the business, you will ensure you have the clarity that you need, the roadmap that will lead you, as well as the timelines and the resources to be successful.



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