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Technology & Automation

Technology & Automation

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    Businesses that make technology a core part of their strategy will be the most successful.

    In this highly competitive market, businesses are under constant pressure to do more with less. More sales, more growth, but with fewer resources and time. And as competition intensifies, so does the challenge. Thankfully, the rapid evolution of marketing technology has given companies greater access to opportunities, which were once only available to companies with huge marketing budgets. 

    At CSG Marketing, we help businesses identify and implement the right marketing technology. The services that we provide include;

    Technology is not necessarily a differentiator these days, rather it is an enhancer to building a business. All pieces of technology need to align to the growth goals and ambition of the business.

    From automated workflows and demand generation, to driving customer insight and loyalty, organisations now have access to systems, platforms and processes that allow them to become more efficient on a daily basis. Well planned and implemented correctly, marketing technology and automation will be a game changer for your business and your growth ambitions.
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    Growing a business is hard. To stand out, you need to be clever. This means clever positioning, clever design, clever marketing and clever use of technology. CSG Marketing was developed to help businesses with these things.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dive a little deeper on how we help businesses with their marketing technology & automation.

    Why technology & automation?
    Great companies adopt technology. It not only helps reduce staffing costs and let you get back to running your business, but it also helps set up a framework so you can better monitor the success of your marketing campaigns.
    What is the process?
    At CSG Marketing, we help technology become an enabler to achieving your growth goals. However, the key is to not just understand what technology we should be implementing, but why we are implementing it. We start with this conversation as part of a workshop and then build a roadmap for how and what we will implement.
    What are examples of marketing automation?
    Marketing automation will allow you to map, plan and implement automated processes that touch and ‘nurture’ your prospects throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle. That means that you can usher prospects from the awareness phase to the purchase phase with minimal (if any at all) manual intervention. These actions include on-boarding workflows, automated follow ups, emails, newsletters, appointment setting, offline mail and content that users may find interesting.



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