Engagement Models

We offer multiple engagement models to cater to the diverse needs of businesses in Asia Pacific. Whether you require short-term support for events, ongoing consistency through retainers, or focused delivery on specific projects, we have the flexibility and expertise to meet your requirements.


Our retainer model provides businesses with consistent and ongoing marketing support. Whether you need monthly, quarterly, or annual engagement, our team becomes an extension of your organisation, working closely with you to drive your marketing initiatives forward.

How it works:

We establish a mutually agreed-upon scope of work and allocate dedicated resources to support your marketing needs. Our team becomes an integral part of your business, collaborating on strategy development, executing campaigns, monitoring performance, and providing regular reporting and
insights. The retainer model ensures a long-term partnership and continuous support for your marketing efforts.

When it’s suitable:

Retainers are suitable when you require consistent marketing support and want to maintain a long-term partnership with a trusted marketing partner. It offers stability, access to a dedicated team, and a strategic approach to achieve your marketing goals over an extended period.

Activity and Project-Based Services

Our activity and project-based services allow you to carve out specific deliverables or programs that align with your unique marketing requirements. Whether it’s a one-off campaign, a market research project, or a content creation initiative, we provide focused expertise to meet your objectives.

How it works:

We collaborate with you to define the specific activities or projects you require. Our team will develop a customised plan, allocate the necessary resources, and execute the project from start to finish. We ensure clear deliverables, timelines, and measurable outcomes to drive success.

When it’s suitable:

Activity and project-based services are suitable when you have well-defined marketing needs that are specific, time-bound, and require specialised expertise. It offers flexibility, allowing you to engage our services for a specific initiative or program without a long-term commitment.

Day Rates

Our day rate engagement model is ideal for businesses that require our presence at specific events or activities. Whether it’s a trade show, conference, or client meeting, our team will dedicate a full day to support your marketing efforts. We bring our expertise and resources to enhance your brand presence, engage with prospects, and maximise the impact of the event.

How it works:

You simply book the desired number of days based on your event requirements. Our team will collaborate with you to understand your goals, develop a tailored strategy, and execute it on the designated day. We bring our professional skills and experience to
ensure a seamless and successful event.

When it’s suitable:

Day rates are suitable when you have specific events or activities that require expert marketing support for a short duration. It offers flexibility and allows you to access our services only when needed, making it cost-effective for businesses with sporadic event requirements.

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