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How we view modern day business

Helping build clever companies

Growing a business is hard. To stand out, you need to be clever. This means clever positioning, clever design, clever marketing and clever use of technology. At CSG Marketing, we help you with all these things.

Leading Positive Change

In addition to helping businesses grow, we are equally passionate about making our world a better place. That’s why paying it forward is inherent in everything we do.


Pledge 1% is a global movement that inspires, educates, and empowers companies and employee to be a force for good. We commit to this community through education and mentoring programs, pro-bono work for causes we are passionate about, volunteering, one for one donation programs in collaboration with clients and partners, as well as financial contributions.

Conscious Capitalism is a movement that focuses on leading positive change through business. Through education and business opportunities, we work with like-minded businesses and value-aligned leaders to inspire and lead a new world of business that focuses on the tangible and measurable benefits of conscious business practices.

If you are interested in partnering with us or learning more, you can reach out directly to our Founder Russell Smith at [email protected]


About Russell,
CSG Marketing’s Founder

With a passion for global strategy, innovation and ideas that move the world forward, Russell has spent his career working with businesses in more than 30 countries building programs that focus on growth and value innovation. In this time, he was lucky enough to live and work in Boston, Singapore and New York.

It was this that led to him to start his entrepreneurial ventures. He saw the leading business and marketing practices that were happening on the global stage and wanted to solidify them to help smaller and medium sized businesses.

He now spends his time leading the CSG Marketing team, focusing on working with business leaders to understand, challenge and unlock the value they have for the world, and uses marketing and insights to help them reach their vision.

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