Rachael Fitzpatrick: Building Trust & Relationships in Asia Pacific

Rachael Fitzpatrick, Senior C&T Director, Qlik

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As part of our marketing insights series, CSG’s Founder Russell Smith talks with Qlik’s Senior Culture & Talent Director, APAC, Rachael Fitzpatrick. 

Rachael is a truly business-focused HR professional, delivering high levels of business acumen, with 20+ years’ experience globally in the High-Tech, Shipping and Insurance industries. Rachael is highly skilled in the area of aligning HR to business needs, coaching, success, talent management and culture, and has an exceptionally strong customer focus delivering high energy and a high-partnering HR team in highly challenging and competitive environments across multiple countries and cultures.

In addition, Rachael has a strong history of partnering in high growth environments and being actively involved in the planning and execution of all functional strategies, and has an ability to pull disparate teams together to work towards a common goal within highly stressful environments. 

In this conversion, Rachael and Russell discuss; 

  • How to build trust when working in Asia Pacific. 
  • How you can approach relationships to ensure you are effective in your interactions. 
  • Taking a global message and adjusting it for the local market.
  • Gaining ‘laser focused’ alignment between marketing and sales.
  • The great ‘revaluation’ as opposed to the great ‘resignation’.  

This is a great conversation if you’re working as a marketer working in or looking to expand into Asia Pacific and want insight into how to build an effective marketing organisation and gain trust from the market.

To learn more about Rachael, you can connect with her on LinkedIn. To learn more about Qlik, visit here

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