Why growth marketing is the way forward in 2019, and beyond.

The rapid evolution of marketing technology has given companies greater access to marketing strategies and tactics, which was once only available to companies with huge marketing budgets. Creating wide scale reach and awareness, for example, is now but a click and swipe away – generating leads X-times more is but an offer away. Yet conversion remains in the hands of the few. Why?

Too often, marketing is mistakenly seen as an end unto itself. It is reduced to a tick-box of things to do. Perhaps marketing has become relatively inexpensive in contrast to pre-marketing technology era, that less attention is paid to the outcome. (Note; To get our thoughts on how to prioritise your marketing and why we believe many businesses have it backwards, read ‘Shift your mindset from marketing to growth”. We discuss why growth marketing is the way forward and how you should look at it for your business).

At CSG Marketing, we believe the fundamentals of marketing have not changed. Every strategy and activity must lead towards these:

  • Winning the battle in the minds of the target audience; to be a credible authority
  • Nurturing a relationship with the target audience; not just selling a product or service
  • Staying in the evoke set; to be relevant despite intense competition
  • Gain social currency; to be talked about, referred to by customers

The leading businesses we have worked with are clear in the roles of marketing in their business – to grow the business beyond just sales. Growth marketing culminates in the realisation of their business North Star.

Here’s an interesting and important learning: as they marched towards their North Star, meeting their short-term goals naturally happened too. And that’s Growth Marketing in 2019.

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